Spring Wedding Look

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is but pimples are the worst! But on your wedding day it seems like karma came for you with rage! At least that’s what this bride felt.

As I came in all I heard was: “I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened…can you fix it?”, this was accompanied by sobbing. I won’t lie, I was shook to my core! But I reassure her that everything would be fine. The thing with acne or pimples is that they are 3D and have texture, both of these things can’t be masked by makeup. The key is to conceal the redness and work with light and shadow to minimize its appearance and work with EXTRA THIN layers, I know you might be tempted to cake it all up but that would just bring more attention to the spot.

When I was done she was happy, but she was obsessing over it. She told me “I still can see it”, as she glanced at herself a millimeter away from the mirror. We took photos with and without flash and she soon realized that it wasn’t a focal point on any of the pictures, because what we look at ourselves is not how others perceive us. And when everything fails, there is always photoshop!

The next day, a friend we have in common congratulated me on a job well done, because she was beautiful; I asked him about the pimples and the answer was the most rewarding:

what pimple?

  •  Model: Jill
  • Makeup: by me
  • Photo: the wedding photographer. I’ll try to find his information.

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