Spring Wedding

Wedding are really the best and I love making brides feel the best on their special day, obviously there are some that get all bridezilla-ish but this wasn’t the case.

This wedding was of a special friend and as a gift I thought I would do her makeup, which she loved #praisethelord. The thing with brides like my friend, is that they don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, so one has to find a way to balance enough makeup so that it shows on camera and little enough so that the bride doesn’t feel like a contestant on Rupaul’s Drag Race (btw I live for this show #youbetterwork).

A bride has to feel special, but what is the point of getting all dolled up if on the photos you’re going to end up looking washed out or plain? So brides out there, do your research and work TOGETHER with your Makeup Artist so that you have the best experience ever!

Good luck to all of you getting married!

  • Model: Sandra
  • Makeup: by me
  • Photo: by me

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